Welcome to Design on Demand

In this course you are going to learn many design skills to help you bring in more sales on Etsy!

The first half of this course PRIMES you in design research so that you are not wasting your time designing things that will never sell in your shop. One of the most important parts of Etsy Print on Demand is being able to find in demand designs. It is about training your brain to be on the lookout for different trends and aesthetics that will help you scale your shop quickly.

The second half of the course will teach you design techniques to utilize in the design process. You are going to learn who you are designing specifically for and how to find those people, you’re going to learn different design aesthetics to help you hit all different audiences of people, All about trending fonts, how to design and save time, how to purchase designs and tweak them to stand out amongst Etsy competitors. You will also learn how to properly set up your t-shirt mockups to where they are aesthetically pleasing to the customers eye!

Throughout this course you will hear hidden gems from my experience and learnings that I have found throughout my Print on Demand success journey. I am so excited to be a part of your Etsy Print on Demand success!

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